HFI Pyrotechnics Inc.


Pyrotechnic engineering, Testing and Production

Cost Effective, Safe and Trusted


HFI Pyrotechnics is located in Eastern Ontario on a 500 acre facility with significant expansion capability on the existing footprint.

Ideal location to support US and international exports.

Multiple facilities for mixing, consolidation, assembly and storage (ERD Licensed and DCMA DoD 4145 compliant).

ISO9001:2015 Accredited and ISO14001:2015, Accredited



Expertise in manufacturing techniques, technology and trace-ability in a unique niche industry.  As pyrotechnic experts, HFI merges physical chemistry, material science, reaction kinetics and mechanical engineering into a scientifically based agile and effective problem-solving team. Leveraging the unique facilities and location to meet both DND and the world’s pyrotechnic’s challenges head-on.


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